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New Submission : Bystander intervention!

I was walking south on Bank st past Gloucester today around 5:30 behind a woman when a man sitting on the bench pulled out a camera with a telephoto lens, leaned over, and aimed it at her hips. It took me a second to realize what I was seeing but then I walked forward to … Continued

New Submission : Harassed on the #85

Before I got on the 85 Bayshore, this guy asked me when the bus was coming so I responded.   After that he continued talking to me asking questions about my life and continually trying to be closer to me. He tried to sit next to me on the bus. He was close, trying to … Continued

International Anti-Street Harassment Week!

It’s that time of year again! Spring is in the air! Which means creeps are out in full force. Join us, and cities around the world, as we mark International Anti-Street Harassment Week by chalking up the streets of Ottawa! We’ll bring the chalk, you bring the energy. (But if you have chalk to spare, … Continued

New Submission : Harassed on beautiful walking path

I was walking around Mud Lake and an older couple passed me on the path. Usually there’s a mumbled hello or good afternoon or whatever, but the man suddenly said “I’m looking for models for a swimsuit photoshoot” I was shocked. Often people have cameras for birding, but this was lewd and ridiculous. All I … Continued

New Submission : Harassed on Rochester

I was walking down Rochester around 5:00 PM with my headphones in and encountered a man in his 20’s coming in the opposite direction, taking up most of the sidewalk. He was wearing construction boots and looked like he was coming from work. When I tried to go around he blocked my way and then … Continued

New Submission : Harassed on St-Laurent

Walking down St. Laurent (at Belfast), I passed a man who yelled after me, “Hey! Should I follow you home and fuck ya? You hear me? Hey!” I said that no, he should never do that to anybody and started to back away, knitting needles in hand. He followed me for a little while until … Continued

New Submission : Harassed by a cyclist

I was waiting at Laurier and Elgin for the light to turn. I was standing by the Starbucks, sipping my iced latte, enjoying the gorgeous weather. Some asshole cyclist bikes past me and whistles at me then keeps cycling past while looking back at me. Ugh.

New Submission : Assaulted in the Market

One night in the summer after getting off a late night of work, I was waiting for an uber. I was standing outside on the street of Zaks. These guys started making comments about my body (what else will drunk men who are pigs do?) They began to approach me and I thought I was … Continued

New Submission : Harassed at Gladstone and Preston

5 young guys under the bridge by gladstone and preston. Wolf whistle and yelling. They just seemed so young like highschool kids, I keep forgetting internalized misogyny targets every and any age. I yelled back not to yell at girls or women, not to catcall and kept walking. Hopefully they get the message soon – … Continued