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New Submission: Harassed on McLeod

On my way to work yesterday I decided to walk down McLeod as Elgin was a little busy. The man walking in front of me lit a cigarette so I moved to walk around him on the road to avoid the smoke. As I passed him, I heard muttering and chanced a glance over. The … Continued

New submission : Lo’s story!

Since having my baby I have been experiencing a new to me type of harassment where many different men feel the need to made sexual, inappropriate and uncomfortable remarks to me in public or on the transit when I’m with my child. It is so uncomfortable and makes me feel unsafe but it seems as … Continued

New submission : Sarah’s story!

Recently I went out to the club with my girl friends for a fun night out. As the night came to an end and the club was somewhat becoming less full I experienced a situation of harrasment from a male. I was dancing with my friend, having fun before we had to go out. I … Continued

New submission : Jenna’s story!

I had just gotten a massage on Beechwood Ave at 5:30pm after work. I was leaving on foot, and a man maybe in his 20’s starting yelling at me. He was across the street, I assume waiting for a bus or just hanging out, I’m really not sure. He very clearly said “YOO I love … Continued

New submission : Mary

I can’t say if he is stalking me, because the park is open to everybody. This man, (in his 60’s, I’d guess) has taken a dislike to me and my dog. Our first encounter was with him screaming at me that my dog should be on leash (leash-free park), getting into my personal space and … Continued

New submission : Natalie’s story!

Tonight I was walking home from Rideau after a successful shopping trip with my mom. However, that good mood was soon turned to fear and anger when I was approached by a man. He walked up to me and asked “Can you help me? I’m not from around town,” as he handed me his phone. … Continued

New submission : Chrissie’s story!

It’s 7:30pm. I’ve been walking the dog and am waiting for the lights to change so I can cross the street. I’m facing the apartment building and something on the second floor balcony that catches my eye. I can’t figure out what it is and am staring at it as I stand there waiting for … Continued

New submission : Katie’s story!

I was in the park this afternoon, trying to enjoy my summer before school starts up once again. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a man, maybe in his thirties, sitting on the bench and playing with his phone. I couldn’t help but notice the way he was holding it, it was … Continued

New submission from a bystander: Jason

3am on a Friday night: I’m walking down the sidewalk to a 24 hour gym and a woman yells at me to slow down. I glanced in her direction and see a couple figures outside a bar, she’s half running towards me but I pay her no mind thinking it’s just drunk people. She continues … Continued