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New Submission : Bystander intervention!

I saw a man yell racial slurs at someone, and when I stepped in the harrasser began to yell at me and follow me down the street, yelling slurs at me. I would do things differently now, having taken Bystander Intervention training!

New Submission : Harassed in Findlay Creek

I am 13 years old but I look older than I am. Today I was walking home with my friend who is 14. While we were walking through Dragonfly Park in Findlay Creek, Ottawa, a bunch of male teenagers in a car pulled up near us and asked for our Snapchat in a threatening tone. … Continued

New Submission : Assaulted

Walking home from getting groceries. I was going to pick up an extra data card so was waiting to cross the road. As a man passed, he wound up his arm and punched me in the stomach. I yelled “hey”, and he ran away. No one else responded or even reacted? I turned back to … Continued

New submission : Harassed on Rideau

I’m a trans man. I was walking in front of the Rideau centre one January morning, completely bundled up in a hat, mask, scarf, coat, binder, and boots. Some guy (who clearly looked like he was not sober) looked at me and then said “female! Haha, good girl”. I was extremely uncomfortable. I pretended that … Continued

Open letter to the Ottawa Citizen

We sent the following letter to the Ottawa Citizen on March 30th but they chose not to publish it. “We are appalled by the Citizen’s recent coverage of serious allegations made by local women against JJ Clarke. As a coalition of groups working to end violence against women in Ottawa, it is very disheartening to see … Continued

New Submission : Harassed while walking

It was 2 years ago, I was just walking down the street when two men who were talking with each as soon as they saw me they catcalled me asking if I had time and my number. I didn’t realize they were talking to me until I was far enough… I am mad and I … Continued

New Submission: Harassed while running

Running at Somerset and Preston around 7:00 PM and two men in their twenties tried to stop me to talk to them. When I ignored them and kept running they shouted after me, calling me names.