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New Submission : Harassed by a cyclist

I was waiting at Laurier and Elgin for the light to turn. I was standing by the Starbucks, sipping my iced latte, enjoying the gorgeous weather. Some asshole cyclist bikes past me and whistles at me then keeps cycling past while looking back at me. Ugh.

New Submission: Harassed in Eddy

I live on Eddy in hull, which means I sometimes have to walk here alone at night. There is a bar on Eddy called Original bar. A large man in a red ECHO shirt with a short shaved mohawk on his head makes rude sexual comments to me almost every day. He goes to this … Continued

New Submission: Intentional space violation & following

A man stopped me for directions and stood far too close for comfort. I stepped back to answer his questions and he kept the conversation going despite my obvious desire to leave it. He moved into my personal space again to gesture at the “closed” sign on the stairs and I had to take another … Continued