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New Submission : Harassment on LRT

I was taking the LRT this morning from Bayview station heading east. When I got on the train, a man sat in the same seat across the aisle. He later leaned in towards me and said I had beautiful eyes. I ignored him. When I got off at parliament station, he proceeded to follow me … Continued

New Submission : Harassment in the workplace

I witnessed a person make racist comments to a colleague. It was in passing, so I used the “delay” strategy and checked in with them after. My colleague said they were ok, nothing that the same person did the very same thing the day prior. I was very upset that this person felt it necessary … Continued

New submission : Harassed on Rideau

I’m a trans man. I was walking in front of the Rideau centre one January morning, completely bundled up in a hat, mask, scarf, coat, binder, and boots. Some guy (who clearly looked like he was not sober) looked at me and then said “female! Haha, good girl”. I was extremely uncomfortable. I pretended that … Continued

New Submission : Racist harassment

Two incidents several weeks apart, same man. The first time, he said, “Ni Hao, looking good,” drawing inaccurate conclusions about my heritage based on my skin colour. I tried my best to keep my eyes straight on the road ahead and not give him or his companion the sick pleasure of exercising power over me. … Continued

New Submission : Harassed while biking

On Friday, July 26, I was biking on Albert Street, and stopped at Metcalfe and Albert waiting for the light to change. This was a day when there had been heavy rain on and off throughout the day, so I was wearing my rain jacket (hot pink) and rain boots (also pink) over the dress … Continued

New Submission : Harassed on the #85

Before I got on the 85 Bayshore, this guy asked me when the bus was coming so I responded.   After that he continued talking to me asking questions about my life and continually trying to be closer to me. He tried to sit next to me on the bus. He was close, trying to … Continued

New Submission : Harassed on beautiful walking path

I was walking around Mud Lake and an older couple passed me on the path. Usually there’s a mumbled hello or good afternoon or whatever, but the man suddenly said “I’m looking for models for a swimsuit photoshoot” I was shocked. Often people have cameras for birding, but this was lewd and ridiculous. All I … Continued