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New Submission : Assaulted in the Market

One night in the summer after getting off a late night of work, I was waiting for an uber. I was standing outside on the street of Zaks. These guys started making comments about my body (what else will drunk men who are pigs do?) They began to approach me and I thought I was … Continued

New Submission : Harassed at Gladstone and Preston

5 young guys under the bridge by gladstone and preston. Wolf whistle and yelling. They just seemed so young like highschool kids, I keep forgetting internalized misogyny targets every and any age. I yelled back not to yell at girls or women, not to catcall and kept walking. Hopefully they get the message soon – … Continued

New Submission: Harassed in Eddy

I live on Eddy in hull, which means I sometimes have to walk here alone at night. There is a bar on Eddy called Original bar. A large man in a red ECHO shirt with a short shaved mohawk on his head makes rude sexual comments to me almost every day. He goes to this … Continued

New Submission : Catcalled by a cop

It’s not just the constant leering and catcalls that bother me, but I’ve experienced being called over to a police car for the officer to inform me I had a ‘nice ass’. When an average dude does this, it’s creepy enough..but a police officer? How am I supposed to deal with that? It’s my word … Continued

New Submission

A few Mondays ago, just after work, my partner and I were driving home from grocery shopping at College Square. We were stopped at the lights by the McDonald’s. I looked out the window and saw a man in flimsy athletic shorts standing on the corner, fondling his genitals and leering at me. I was … Continued

New Submission : Homophobic harassment

Walking home holding hands with my girlfriend at night when a man on a bicycle stops on the sidewalk in front of his and leans over to pick something up. Says something inaudible to us as we walk by and since we ignored him he yells “I know you girls are lesbians but you can … Continued

New Submission: Homophobic street harassment

My girlfriend and I were out with a friend on St. Paddy’s Day 2017, waiting for the bus on Rideau Street at Dalhousie. She and I were holding hands as we often do, and a man walking by on the sidewalk passed us, stopped to turn around so that we could see him, made a … Continued

New Submission: Public masturbation -_-

I was on the bus home from work at about 11 pm, and we were stopped at a light on Albert at Bank. There was a red car also stopped at the light, in the lane next to the bus. The driver was leaned back in his seat, staring through the window at the people … Continued