New Submission : Harassed in the Glebe

I was harrassed today in the Glebe around lunchtime. I’m puppysitting and took my friend’s dog for a walk. We were in the park and she stopped in the shade to take a break, close to a man who was reading a book. I tried to get between the dog and the man cause she can sometimes be a bit over friendly and not everyone likes dogs. The man got up and stormed off. When he got about 100m away from me, he turned around and started yelling at me. He said I ruined his day by staring at him, that I get off on staring at people and that I was making him uncomfortable. I tried to explain that I was minding the dog (and my own business). He then continued to yell at me and called me a fat fucking c*** over and over again. There were other people in the park and nobody intervened. I did my best to stand up for myself. I’m a white woman in my 30s and he is a white man with a man-bun, about the same age. I was terrified on my way home as he stormed off in the same direction I needed to take back to my apartment. I walk and bike almost daily in that area of the Glebe, but I won’t be going back for awhile.