New Submission : Harassment on LRT

I was taking the LRT this morning from Bayview station heading east. When I got on the train, a man sat in the same seat across the aisle. He later leaned in towards me and said I had beautiful eyes. I ignored him. When I got off at parliament station, he proceeded to follow me up the stairs, out of the station and onto the street. When I looked behind, he gestured for me to come back at which point I glared and proceeded walking away from him.

I thought about it and about a month ago, I was taking the train later at night and a very similar looking man sat in the same position (same seat across the aisle) from me. The train was almost empty too so this was odd. He then said I had beautiful hair. I ignored him and got off the train. He didn’t follow me that time.

I’m wondering now if he’s escalating his behavior to following women off the train. Be on the lookout for a shorter, potbellied man with light brown skin. He’ll sit across the aisle from you and try to compliment you on something generic.

I also get the sense that he is riding the LRTsimply to harass. I waited until last minute to get off the train at parliament but he quickly got off as well, as if he had no actual place to be. This is speculation though.