Free Bystander Intervention Trainings!

We are so delighted to announce that starting April 2021, #WeStandUp trainings are coming to Canada!

These free workshops will give you concrete tips on how to be an effective bystander.
Open to anyone in Canada, they will be available in English and in French.

The workshop schedule drops early April so quick! Get on the list!

All you have to do is email : julie @ ihollaback dot org

Do you want to partner with us to bring this training to your workplace, campus or community group? Great! Send us an email and let’s talk details.

Nous avons tellement hâte de travailler avec vous!

7 responses to “Free Bystander Intervention Trainings!

  1. Hi,

    We have a group of 12-15 teachers who would
    be interested in partnering with us to bring this training to our workplace. Is this something you could do?

  2. Hello from BC! I’m the Director of Corporate Communications at Destination BC, and came across your organization on social media.
    Recently, our staff have been asking about what they can do when they hear or see violence directed at others. Could you please send me some details about your training?

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