New Submission : Harassment in the Glebe

Last weekend, dropped off in an uber at the parking lot for the OPL – Sunnyside location and walking the less than 1 min walk over to house of Targ for a show. In less than 30 seconds of walking a car full of men scream at me, “NICE OUTFIT” and when I don’t respond “HEY, MOTHERFUCKER, LOOK AT ME!” I silently give them the finger and outwalk their car which is stuck at the light. When they get to the intersection at bank and sunnyside they yell at me again, nearly getting in to an accident because the light had turned green and they were supposed to go. Have been harrassed multiple times in my old neighbourhood. At Bank and Belmont, once, “FIND SOME SHORTER SHORTS YOU FUCKING SLUT!”. And once, walking from the Mayfair home to my apartment on Riverdale, I was yelled at out of a car and followed down Cameron towards Riverdale. They drove forward and looped back around and hid, when I thought I was safe and they’d driven away, they then came out of hiding and revved up beside me with screeching tires to scare me and screamed at me.