New Submission: Harassed in Eddy

I live on Eddy in hull, which means I sometimes have to walk here alone at night. There is a bar on Eddy called Original bar. A large man in a red ECHO shirt with a short shaved mohawk on his head makes rude sexual comments to me almost every day. He goes to this bar almost every day and I see him almost every day and cant do anything to end his harassment. Sometimes I don’t feel safe leaving my home. Right in between the corner store “Beer et Vin” and the St vincent de paul lives a group of Portuguese men who constantly yell at me, follow me and on one occassion, grabbed me. They are constantly intoxicated outside and the police dont seem to do anything. Eddy constantly has prostitutes walking up and down, so these men feel like they ca yell things at young girls without no consequences. The man who grabbed me was short, tanned, had mid length black and grey hair, and a large broomstick mustache. I have to make sure I take a different route home because of these men.