Do you love a good, sweaty dance party but hate creepers?

Here at Hollaback! Ottawa, we love to dance. A few years ago, we spent hours at Pride’s foam street party, post-parade.

But we typically avoid dance parties, especially in bars, because they tend to attract a whole lotta creepy dudes who don’t take no for an answer. Seems we’re not alone.

Big ups to the organizers of Hottawa, who’ve asked us to be mobile feminist faces at their dance party on July 14th. We’ll be walking around with our pink shirts on, keeping a watchful eye on things and having your back.

Is someone making you uncomfortable? Holler at us.

Is someone negging your friend? Holler at us.

Is someone not listening to your “No”? Holler at us.

See you at Babylon on July 14th!

Lighting cigarette from birthday cake - GIF


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