New Submission : Public masturbation near Experimental Farm

I feel extremely compelled to share my story today. I was walking at the corner of Ash Lane and the Experimental Farm Parkway just after sunset tonight when a navy blue Honda CRV pulled a u-turn on the parkway after passing me, turned into Ash lane where I was headed and pulled over on the left side of the road about 50m in front of me. I immediately though that was very weird and took out my phone to text my husband the license plate and car info, just in case. As I walked past on the far right side of the road, I looked over into the open window to see a 30-something white male, looking down and stroking his junk…! I panicked, knowing it was getting dark and there was no one else in sight. I immediately texted my husband, took off my headphones and walked briskly toward Winding Lane. A couple minutes later, he drove past me and parked in the greenhouse parking lot down the street and waited. Longest 5 minute walk of my life!

As I got close to the walking path out of the farm, I saw a woman walking towards me and I called her over to tell her what had just happened. As I was explaining all of this to her, the man drove by us one more time, and this time pulled over up behind me on the left hand side of the street again (I now realize it’s so the pedestrian get a better angle) and waited, probably for my new friend who was heading that way. She had also noticed he had looked at her a little too long when driving by and so we immediately turned around, headed out of the farm and called the police to report the crime. I have never seen anything like this and I was far more scared than I would have thought, I was shaking, my heart was pounding… But I’m so grateful that this woman showed up at that precise moment and helped me feel safe.