New Submission: Harassed on McLeod

On my way to work yesterday I decided to walk down McLeod as Elgin was a little busy. The man walking in front of me lit a cigarette so I moved to walk around him on the road to avoid the smoke. As I passed him, I heard muttering and chanced a glance over. The man was leering at me, a gross smile on his face, saying something like “get over here…you suck my dick…I’ll fuck you..” etc. It was disgusting. I turned around immediately and began to walk the other way. I yelled “Fuck you, you’re disgusting,” and “this is sexual harassment”! The people standing across the road looked on but didn’t ask if I was alright and did not try to intervene. I walked back to Elgin Street and continued on to work along the main road, feeling angry and icky and violated.