New submission : Sarah’s story!

Recently I went out to the club with my girl friends for a fun night out. As the night came to an end and the club was somewhat becoming less full I experienced a situation of harrasment from a male. I was dancing with my friend, having fun before we had to go out. I was enjoying my night out as a break from school and everything else life has put my way.

A man came up behind me and tried to dance with me. In the kindest way possible I simply walked away as a symbol of me declining. I just wanted to dance alone and not be groped and grinded on by a male. If i wanted to i would have danced along, but i was not feeling it. As I simply walk away and move, his friend decides to pretend POUR HIS drink on my head….

I looked at him after i saw him with his cup over my head and I saw to him, excuse me did you just pour a drink on my head? That is when he got extremely aggressive and started screaming at me and telling me to “Walk away bitch”. I asked him to calm down because I am not going to let someone yell at me and this all came about because I did not want to be touched by his male friend…

His friend who tried to dance with me egg’d him on and it got very verbal and loud. Thankfully, another male stepped in between and I walked away because I truthfully thought he was going to get physically aggressive.

IF I WANT TO DANCE ALONE, let me dance alone………

I was so in shock feeling like i needed to cry but I didnt because i was in the club so i held it in.

I later walked home alone after seperating from my friends, and two males whistled and hollered at me because I was walking home in a skirt and heels.

Personally I believe that I can wear what I want as long as I am comfortable but Do not make me feel like an item!!!! I am not an item! i am a human

I woke up the next morning in shock still from last nights events. It was torn in between crying or laughing it off. But sometimes you have to just let a few tears out.

Absolutely disgusted by some males sometimes. I have not had the best experiences lately with males. So many of them taking advantage, even in such subtle ways sometimes.

Had to share my full story, Thank you!