New Submission : Followed home after class at uOttawa

I was walking home from a 7 to 10 class at uOttawa and was followed from George Street all the way to Guigues. I was way ahead of the guy but I noticed he had crossed the street and began to follow me quite early on. I kept crossing the road and even jaywalking to try and distance myself from him. He caught up to me on the corner of Cumberland and Guigues right in front of the Lauzon corner store. I don’t even remember what he said to me but he tried to touch my butt and I yelled at him to go away and leave me alone. In front of the corner store was another man smoking a cigarette who I assume worked at the store. He saw the altercation and me firmly telling the man to leave me alone. I made eye contact with him and kept walking passed the store. The man smoking engaged with the guy who was following me, I don’t know what about but he got him to stop following me. Once I rounded the corner to my street, I sprinted the rest of the way home.