New submission : Natalie’s story!

Tonight I was walking home from Rideau after a successful shopping trip with my mom. However, that good mood was soon turned to fear and anger when I was approached by a man. He walked up to me and asked “Can you help me? I’m not from around town,” as he handed me his phone. “Sure,” I said. I’m aware that Confederation Park has become a popular spot for Pokemon Go players having played it myself, so I assumed he wanted to show me his phone so I could direct him to an other Pokemon Go stop. But nope! On his phone was a sexually explicit picture of himself in tiny boxers with a hard on! He then asked, “Can you rate this on a scale from 1 to 10?”. I was frustrated, I was angry, I was scared. But without emotion I replied “I don’t care” as I walked away. He then proceeded to call me a “frigid prude” and yell at me saying “It’s true! All Ottawa women are bitches!”. I believe this is a tactic that he uses on other women who are at Confederation Park playing Pokemon Go or at other popular Pokemon Go stops. He is white with dark hair and brown eyes, about 5 feet 5, and was wearing a baseball cap.