New submission : Mary

I can’t say if he is stalking me, because the park is open to everybody. This man, (in his 60’s, I’d guess) has taken a dislike to me and my dog. Our first encounter was with him screaming at me that my dog should be on leash (leash-free park), getting into my personal space and frightening both me and my little companion. I am a woman in her early 70’s, but do not put up with that type of nonsense. There have been five incidents of him calling me names as he passes. I always take my dog aside so he can’t kick out at us. He always appears out of nowhere and I have changed my walking times, but there he is! I went to the Courthouse and told a Judge my story and she took down the info. Police said because I didn’t know his name, what can they do. And, people are allowed to say what they want. I’m careful he doesn’t see my car or follow me. I hear he has changed victims to two young girls walking their dogs.