New submission : Jenna’s story!

I had just gotten a massage on Beechwood Ave at 5:30pm after work. I was leaving on foot, and a man maybe in his 20’s starting yelling at me. He was across the street, I assume waiting for a bus or just hanging out, I’m really not sure. He very clearly said “YOO I love your ass in those leggings! They look so good!” and I looked back and he was yelling it to me. I was really shocked and embarrassed because there was other people around (there are patios and a gas station around where we were, not to mention traffic). I decided not to say anything but walk faster and I could hear him yell “WAIT, WAIT” really loud but I didn’t turn around. I just kept speed walking and took out my phone. I was hoping that if I got on my phone he would leave me alone. When I got to the next corner I checked to see if he was following me and thankfully he didn’t but I was freaked right out because this was so close to my house where I had just moved a week prior.