New submission : Chrissie’s story!

It’s 7:30pm. I’ve been walking the dog and am waiting for the lights to change so I can cross the street. I’m facing the apartment building and something on the second floor balcony that catches my eye. I can’t figure out what it is and am staring at it as I stand there waiting for the lights.

Lights change, I cross the street.

When I get to the other side, I realize it is a completely naked man standing on a cooler on his balcony, bent over with his ass cheeks spread (I’m assuming it was a man as I think I saw testicles). He starts to slap his ass and as I continue to walk my dog “ignoring” him, he rotates his ass in my direction and keeps slapping.

I reported it to the building rental office & superintendent. They phoned the police with me and they reported it with me. It was the second complaint the rental office had gotten about that today (only the first complaint was for a different building and it was only a little old lady who lived there).

The police have since been there and spoken with the building staff, as well as the man renting the apartment (on the phone as he is not currently home… but his son is). I have been told once the man gets home they will go with him to speak to his son to determine if he is psychotic or just behaving in appropriately. I guess they will just talk to him about not doing that again?

I am very embarrassed i was standing there like a doofus for several minutes staring.

I live in the building and am too anxious to go do my laundry in the basement tonight.

I feel like this – but I’ve done nothing wrong.