New submission from a bystander: Jason

3am on a Friday night: I’m walking down the sidewalk to a 24 hour gym and a woman yells at me to slow down. I glanced in her direction and see a couple figures outside a bar, she’s half running towards me but I pay her no mind thinking it’s just drunk people. She continues yelling at me, singling me out by what I’m wearing. There’s a couple guys across the street outside another bar and they don’t seem concerned. She begins cursing at me to stop while I’m walking away. Her insistence intensified but there was alarm in her voice so this time I stopped and she caught up with me.

She’s mid to late 20’s tells me to keep walking and quickly explained that there was a guy following her home and she just wanted to be taken to the front door of her building. She was so matter of fact about it but clearly relieved. I walked her to her building and she politely thanked me and we exchanged first names.

It happened very fast and there wasn’t much time for Q & A I just wanted to say I was very proud of this girl for how she handled herself (I forgive the swearing and insults) and really all I did was just not make the situation worse she didn’t ask anything of me other than a short escort home. I’m glad I was there, though.