Happy HOLLAween!

We hope you have the best time tonight, whatever it is you’re doing!

But remember:

1- Don’t culturally appropriate. It’s not cute; it’s offensive.

2- Don’t slut shame. We live in a culture that doesn’t allow women to wear anything “sexy” without judgement. So, if someone wants to go full sexy one day of the year and really own the opportunity, how is it your business? Be whatever sexy thing you want to be!

Now, if you want to rage about how¬†there are few costume ideas for women that AREN’T the sexy version of something, we hear you.

But regardless of whether you would ever wear a sexy costume or not, don’t judge others who do.

3- Don’t street harass! Don’t harass – period. Just because someone is wearing a sexy costume, doesn’t mean they’re “asking” for your opinion on their body or your creepy hand on their ass.

Halloween is scary enough without harassment.

Costumes are NOT consent

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