New submission : Cassie’s story!

This happened to me about a year ago during last summer but I haven’t wanted to speak up about it to a large group of people until now.

I was riding my bike through the Glebe near Bronson to get to Carleton University when I stopped at a stop sign on a quiet street to wait for cars to go by, like any good cyclist. A second later a dirty red pick-up truck with two shirtless men screeched up right beside me. One of the men yelled, “Hey sexy girl, want to come sit with us?” I wanted to show I wasn’t afraid of them and make them leave so I yelled back, “Shut the f*ck up, leave me alone.” To them, that was the wrong thing to do.

For the next five minutes these two disgusting men followed me in their car hurling insults at me, saying I was a fat whore, bitch, skank, c*unt, you know name it. They told me they wanted to rape and kill me and teach my ugly self a lesson. The whole time I looked straight ahead and kept biking, afraid what they’d do if I stopped moving. A few times they even jerked the car in my direction and almost made me fall off my bike. It was a quiet area with few cars so they kept doing this. I remember very clearly looking at some of the pedestrians on the sidewalk beside me for help, but people just avoided my pleading looks.

Finally after a few minutes of this, they seemed to get bored that I wasn’t outwardly reacting and drove away near Bronson and Fifth, still yelling insults at me. I cried the rest of the way to Carleton, scared to stop in case they came back to find me.

In those fearful minutes, I wasn’t thinking clearly enough to get their license plate number or call the police. All I could think of was getting away from them. Even a year later I’m filled with intense fear whenever I think about that. I hated the feeling of being powerless.

Ladies, if you see some repulsive men cruising around the Glebe in a red pick up truck yelling at women, watch out. And get their license plate number!