New submission : Bystander intervention at coffee shop!

My partner and I had an odd (at least for us) experience.

We went to a local coffee shop for lunch. While we were waiting in line, my partner nudged me. She said “That guy there” (a man with his back to us) “is taking pictures of that woman.” There were two women sitting in his line of sight, both with children, one with an infant. She was wearing a fairly low-cut top, likely to make it easy to breastfeed. He was using his smartphone to take pictures of her breasts.

Coincidentally, three police officers had just come in. The two of us had a brief whispered discussion, and the guy began to shoot zoomed video of the woman. My partner went to speak with one of the cops. He watched the guy shoot video, then explained to her that he couldn’t take action without consulting the shop manager, which he then did. The manager permitted him to approach the man. They went outside, where an animated discussion ensued. The ‘photographer’ came back in to his table — another man had sat down there, said “I can’t stay”, took his stuff, and left.

My partner spoke to the cop a second time then. When the cop confronted the guy by saying “Were you taking pictures of a woman in there?”, the guy responded “The one with the big tits? Yeah.” He made the man delete the images from his phone and told him he was no longer welcome in the coffee shop. My partner asked if he was going to tell the woman. The cop said he didn’t think the woman needed to know but that if my partner wanted to she could. We didn’t tell her what had happened, which we have mixed feelings about. But at least the creep hopefully got a scare put into him.