New submission : Emma’s story!

A team of 3 men working for a company that sells security systems door to door was canvassing in my neighbourhood. I didn’t see the company name but they were wearing blue shirts. It was the middle of the afternoon and I had gone out for a walk to get some fresh air. I had recently had a minor surgery and was feeling cooped up in the house. I was walking towards my house when I passed one of these guys; he was around six feet tall, had mirrored sunglasses with blue lenses, a baseball cap, and dark curly kind of greasy hair. He said hello using a phoney sales voice and I said hello back. Then he said “How are you? You look tired.” I thought that was rude so I continued to walk away. He was going up the driveway of my neighbour’s house so I said “Don’t come here next, we’re not interested.” He asked if I even knew was he was offering in the same phoney tone and I said I know we’re not interested. As I walked into my yard he sarcastically said “Well thanks for talking to me, and have a great day.”

So I called him a prick and walked into my house.