New submission : Anonymous story

I went to purchase rolling papers. I went into the empty store by myself and began looking at the displays. I went over to the owner (where he was sitting behind the counter) to ask to get my papers. He leaned in close to me and stares at me proceeding to say that I look 12 and I’m so cute. I nervously laughed and said my age (I thought he was implying he couldn’t sell them to me in a creepy way). He was shocked at my real age and told me they don’t get beautiful girls in much. I asked for what I wanted and he handed them to me. We went to the cash and he starts clicking buttons but making mistakes and saying how distracting my beauty is. Then he asks me what I do (for work). I tell him I work with children and he begins saying oh cute 12yr old babysitter how much for you to babysit me? I again nervously laugh saying a lot but no thank you. He starts offering me 50$ saying that’s all I’m worth. I say no thank you and ask for my total. He goes back to the cash register but won’t tell me. He begins again by calling me a whore this time and offering 50$ again. I felt as though the walls were closing in on me (anyone who has been in this shop knows it goes back very deep and has doors to lead it back farther as well this store usually only has a couple customers in it at a time) so I said no, dropped a 20$, grabbed my stuff, and ran out the door without looking back. I ran into the nearest store to find safety unsure if I had been followed. I regret wasting my money in that asshole establishment (he had just been on the phone telling someone they can order in the confederate flag just btw) but I don’t regret my tattoos, wearing my shorts, or anything about me. I’m not 12 and I’m not for sale.