New submission : Alison’s story!

Tonight I was cycling home from work in the Laurier bike lane, and as I went through an intersection a red hatchback car passed me and one of the men inside yelled “Spicy” at me. They hit a red light at the next intersection and I pulled up to the open window. I told them that their yelling was disrespectful and very irritating. They asked why it was disrespectful and I said “because nobody asked what you thought”. One said “fair enough” and the other said “free speech right?” to which I said noooo, nope. They drove through the next intersection behind me and yelled “still spicy” at me to get the last word in. I don’t mind the face to face conflict, but I always worry I’m not using an effective response. Maybe next time I’ll go for a picture. Wouldn’t it be nice if there weren’t a next time?