New submission : Stephanie’s story!

I’ve run into this asshat three times. The first time was in the rideau center last summer. He had that nice guy facade going while he kept asking me personal questions, aggressively and persistently asking for my number despite my refusal. Because I felt on the spot I gave him my number just so that he would leave me alone. I regret it completely but I’d never encountered such a pushy “pick up artist” in my life and just wanted to get away quickly, didn’t even give myself time to think up a fake number. I ignored his texts and fb friend request, and eventually blocked him on both.

The second time I ran into him was in the market last Fall. I was on my way to a show when I saw him out of the corner of my eye. I avoided eye contact and kept going on my way, a little faster. A few moments later I hear the thudding of sneakers behind me and sure enough the asshole has chased after me. I’m a little freaked out when I see him and he says: “Can I speak to you for a moment?” and I say “No, I have to go” to which he remarks “Ok, fuck off!”and jogs away before I can say anything else. I was pretty shaken the rest of the night.

The third time was this summer on Elgin street. I’d actually seen him do his rounds there on numerous occasions. Only when I was walking down the street alone did he approach me, again doing his little jog up behind me, and again asks me if he can speak to me. Same thing, except I bluntly tell him to leave me alone because this guy does not get it, and he tells me to fuck off again and runs away again. I did manage to return his remark this time, I was infuriated that he wouldn’t just leave me alone.

I’m hoping that this guy gets it through his thick head that women (and men) despise what he is doing, and that I won’t have to encounter him a 4th time.

I’m one voice among many. 99.9% of women in fact.