New submission: Jackie’s story!

Hollaback recently shared a story about an Ottawa “pickup artist” Luke Howard who stops women on the street to aggressively get their number, films them without their consent, & post the video online to teach other men that this is acceptable behavior.

Since hearing the story I realized that he approached me about a year ago. The fact that it was most likely filmed & posted online is extremely disturbing. I wish I had told him off. What a lot of people don’t seem to realize is that if I’m polite it’s because they are a potential threat and they’ve caught me off guard trying to get to my destination. Not that ignorance is an excuse to harass women. Regardless, he knows better due to the women who told him they weren’t comfortable and he continued.
Two of my friends have told me that he approached them three times each and that when they told him this he became hostile.
I want to thank Hollaback for their public statements against this behavior.

HOLLA! NOTE: We’re so sorry this happened to you, your friends and other women in our community. It’s gross; it’s scary; and it needs to stop.

If you see ANYONE treating others in this way, you CAN do something about it. To learn about safe, effective ways of intervening, check out I’ve Got Your Back!