New submission : Melanie’s story!

New neighbours moved in across the street from my place a couple of months ago. That, or the nice weather brought them & their friends out of hibernation.

Every Thursday, and other days of the week, they drink on the roof of Maxim Hair Design and yell at everyone. People driving by are harassed until they honk, and anyone who doesn’t play along is subject to verbal abuse.

Needless to say, they also spend a lot of time cat calling women (myself included) and hurling insults when they don’t get a positive response. Trying to ask them to stop nicely had no result.

It’s shitty enough to have to be subject to this while walking or driving by, but it’s worse to be able to overhear the awful, disgusting things they say when they think they’re out of earshot while I’m in the kitchen, slowly losing my appetite while trying to cook dinner.

Dudes, please do better!