New submission: Susan’s story!

This asshole in a red truck stalked me on my way home late last night. He zig-zagged through these side streets, always popping out again from the street perpendicular to me, perfectly timed. He kept disappearing and reappearing, keeping me on edge, anxiously waiting to see where he’d turn up in front of me. All the way down Somerset and all the way down Preston. He leered at me as he turned each corner, even as I gave him a “wtf?!” gesture. Thankfully, he didn’t see me when I turned (ran!) down my street to my house (I checked behind me the whole time). I’ve never felt unsafe/scared in my own neighbourhood/home until now. He never stopped the car, rolled down the windows, or yelled anything, which made it more unsettling. It was this deliberate, strategic, silent aggression.

It infuriates me how easily someone can take away someone else’s power, their sense of safety – like it’s just a game. It makes me livid that this sort of street aggression/harassment happens to others all the time. It pisses me off that one of the thoughts that went through my head was “oh crap, maybe I shouldn’t have walked home alone at night”, alongside another thought: “I wish I had a baseball bat to smash his shitty truck in”.