Defaced wall on Bank at Lisgar

For International Anti-Street Harassment Week, we took to Bank street to spread the word. We chalked the sidewalks, put up posters and put up an amazing wall of posters up at Bank and Lisgar.

It was amazing. 

IMG_6274 (640x480)

Well, it seems that misogynists didn’t like that very much and have defaced the wall.

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It is telling that simple messages like “Women are not outside for your entertainment” and “My outfit is not an invitation” would be met with scrawled out hatred like “Man haters” and “Disgusting.”

The defacing of our posters is frustrating, but it only serves to prove our point that street harassment is not about giving women compliments; it’s about power. 

Otherwise, why be so upset about these posters?

Bad news, haters : We are not deterred. We will continue to wheat paste, chalk walk, poster and fight street harassment in all its forms.

Thank you to everyone who supports our work. We see you. We appreciate you.

In solidarity,

– The Hollaback! Ottawa Crew

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