New submission : Rebekah’s story!

This was a really sad moment for me. I had attended a going away party (for myself) when I decided I was no longer interested in being at the bar. My friends had all paired off with their significant others and had left or were otherwise occupied. I was a little upset and walking up Elgin street to get the Mackenzie King bus station to get home and go to sleep.

A car full of young men (more accurately, immature boys) drove by and shouted out the car window about the shape and buoyancy of my rear end. At the time I was wearing my favorite body hugging blue dress. It took my a long time to be able to show my body and now these boys took it upon themselves to comment on it. I immediately ignored them as I do anything I don’t particularly like. At this points the comments changed from, ‘nice ass,’ to, ‘you’re not that hot anyway– you’re only a 6 in Miami.”

After a particularly shoddy night, these complete strangers took it upon themselves to only further my subpar evening by insulting my body after I took the initiative to ignore them. This happened quite some time ago but still pops into my brain every so often. Why these people think they have the right to comment on my body just because I am walking down the street, only to insult it when I didn’t immediately swoon by their inappropriate comment.