New submission : Candace’s story!

I got off of the bus to transfer at Rideau Centre on Rideau 10:05am today…stood leaning against the bus shelter, no other people around. I sensed someone behind me, a man was lingering no less than 2 feet behind me…odd, I thought so I went in to the bus shelter, leaning against the door frame about 6 feet from where I was initially standing, checked my phone for when the next bus I needed to catch would arrive.

Again I sense someone behind me (there were less than a dozen people in the shelter, none near me aside from an elderly woman sitting on a bench a few feet away) I turned around and there was the same man AGAIN less than 2 feet behind me…I scowled at him and walked out…as I did so he did not even acknowledge me but I noticed he held a camera in his hand, had his finger on the shutter release button and was aiming it up at me from his hip area photographing me! Disgusting!

I went around to the far end of the shelter, zoomed MY cell phone camera in and snapped his photo! I tweeted the pics to OC Transpo and Ottawa Police and called the non emergency line as soon as I got on my connecting bus. This all took place within the 5 minutes I was waiting to transfer.

Also, when I called the non emergency line to report what happened the man on the phone told me there is nothing they could do to help, for all ‘we’ know the man liked the smell of my hair and was getting close for that reason and that it is not illegal to take pictures! No option to further report or to send an officer down there to check the guys camera…I continued to the university to do my radio show, baffled.

I tweeted to the Ottawa Police that I called and was brushed off. After the show I had received tweets from the Ottawa Police saying to call back to report. I spoke to Nancy, she listened to my experience and after the call I emailed my photos to the Police, noting the report # for them to distribute the man’s photos to the Sexual Assault Unit officers.