New submission: Harassed in a cab

Not your typical harassment story, but I wanted to share it so that others may avoid dealing with this guy. I’ve dealt with plenty of inappropriate customer service from this fair city’s cab drivers (from being called ‘sweetie’ to being told I’m ‘a very cute girl’), but this one was a particular treat (threat?).

I called for a taxi with Blueline around 5pm on Thursday to come pick me up at Hartman’s and bring me home with my groceries. I’d normally walk, but things were a little heavy. When he arrived, the driver didn’t respond when I said hello – he was on the phone. When he got off the phone and asked me where I wanted to go, the driver cut me off before I was able to finish, told me to stop talking, and continued to talk over me while I asked him where he was going.

He pulled a u-turn on Somerset (not unheard of), all the while talking over my protests. He wasn’t going the way I had tried asking him to go, and when he turned North on Kent, he wasn’t even going in the direction of my house anymore. I asked him where he was going, and to let me out of the car because he wasn’t going the right way. At this point the driver turned his meter off and called me a “Stupid Woman” repeatedly.

I asked to be let out of the car again, and told him I’d put a complaint in, but his ID was nowhere to be seen. It was definitely car #191 though. I ducked out of the car at the first red light opportunity, since he had already turned the meter off and was being threatening and scary.

I put in a complaint with Blueline, and put in the same complaint with the City. I still haven’t heard from either of them.