New submission : Cass’ story!

I had a meeting that ended earlier than expected and I was passing some time until my boyfriend finished up work. We agreed to meet at Rideau Centre. I came through the Mackenzie Bridge side, which we all know is fairly busy between 4pm and 5pm. I feel someone grab my arm and say “Miss?”. I turn around and it was a man. I automatically assumed maybe I dropped something and he was trying to get my attention but couldn’t because it was so noisy in the mall. He said he felt the need to tell me I am beautiful and that maybe we are soul mates because we were both wearing black coats. I tried walking away and he stepped in front of me and reached his arm out, as to block me. He asked me what I’m doing and I responded with the truth: I was meeting my boyfriend. He said that was a shame. I tried to walk away again and he then asked me if we are even engaged. I replied with “some day…”. I tried to walk away again. I managed to storm by him and I heard him say something about him needing an invitation to the wedding in case things don’t work.