New submission: Stevie’s story!

I was coming back from the bar with some friends on Halloween night. We took the bus from Laurier Station, going towards Hurdman Station. Almost everyone was drunk and the bus was jam-packed. I ended up face to face with a thirty-something year old man and couldn’t move because there were so many people. At the next stop, even more people tried to get on the bus, and the guy I got squished up against starts yelling “Get off the f***ing bus! There’s no more room! Do you want me to rape this girl in front of me?!” (the “girl” being me, of course)

I got scared right away and became so anxious that I had a panic attack. But I still couldn’t get away or give myself space from this guy because there were too many people on the bus. Thankfully, I was with friends, and we got off at the next stop and walked safely home.