We’ve spent the last few months working to get gender-based violence onto the agenda for the upcoming municipal election.

You should head on over to our elections page to see what we’ve been working on and download our toolkit outlining our top 5 priorities!

You should also circulate our video and help us spread the word.

People have until September 12th to announce their candidacy for council. After that drop date, we’ll be contacting each candidate to ask them how they plan to address gender-based violence in our city.

We’ll then post their responses on our election page, so that people can make the most informed vote possible come October 27th.

A reminder: We are a NON-PARTISAN organization. We are not advocating for any particular candidate or campaign.

Our #1 priority is ending gender-based violence in Ottawa. That’s it. That’s all.

For more information:¬†[email protected]


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