New submission: Rebecca’s story!

On Canada Day I was waiting at an intersection downtown for some friends. I was approached by two young men, probably in their early twenties. Only one spoke to me. He asked if I was looking for a date and I politely responded “No, thanks”. He then proceeded to tell me that his friend was available, and describe his friend’s penis. His friend continued to just stand there not doing or saying anything. I again said “I’m not looking for a date”. At this point, he gets out his phone and starts asking for my number, as well as offering his “in case I changed my mind”. At this point I became angry and said in a louder and very firm voice “I’ve told you that I’m not interested, now leave me alone”. Thankfully at this point they backed off, but unfortunately with the man who had been talking to me making it into a joke, speaking in exaggerated tones “oh who are you? I don’t know you, I’m gonna go now”.

As they left my friends arrived and I was thankfully able to enjoy the rest of my evening. I was proud of myself for being able to stand up to them, but generally disgusted at those guys.