New submission: Woman catches man taking creeper shots

This guy was taking a picture of a girl’s butt with his phone. When I called him on it, it was clear he does this all the time. It happened at the Bayview bus stop at around 5:30pm.

While walking behind him I noticed him notice the girl walking in front of us. He flicked up the corner of his iPhone and pointed it at her, zooming in on her ass. “Are you taking her picture?” I asked loudly. “Don’t take her picture.” He was surprised that he’d been caught and proceeded to ask why not, it’s a public place, etc. Says all the things you’d expect a creeper to say – clearly a repeat offender. We were walking in the same direction so while he was trying to escape me I kept pace with him to finish what I was saying about it being completely wrong to take pictures of women without their consent. Sure it’s not illegal but it’s entirely creepy and disgusting and contributes to rape culture. That young woman is more than another ass to add to his collection of creep shots and should not be treated as such. The objectification of women contributes to violence and gender oppression.

I asked if I could take his picture, he consented and even suggested I send it to the media. If only I’d asked for his name.