New submission: Jenn’s story!

Boy no older than 19 in group of 3 came up behind us and started listening to my friends headphones as we were walking home on the west side of Bank from House of Targ around midnight.

I quipped: “WOW dude, so many random coming at you tonight!” (Another young drunk man had been perpetually following her around the bar all night) He was obviously not happy with me referring to him as a “random,” and said a few nasty things then walked ahead with his friends. At that point he exposed his ass from his pants. I shouted expressing that that was so frustrating “Can’t women go out anywhere in this city without being harassed?”

My friend who was eating fries offered to shove one up there, to which he responded “I’d rather shove my dick in your mouth.” And people think the Glebe is “safe.” Stupid.