Jess’s story!

I was coming out of the Quickie on Bank & Gilmour when a man loitering outside repeatedly tried to get my attention. I took out my earphones and looked at him questioningly. He asked if I wanted his phone number and when I strongly assured him I did not, he requested mine. Again, I firmly told him that would never happen. He followed me for a few feet, commenting on my hair and overall appearance.

Then a few blocks down Bank Street, near the Nepean intersection, a large man blocked my path on the sidewalk. I skirted around him (no pun intended), but as I did he moved in the same direction and again blocked my path. I took out my earphones and asked what his problem was. He responded by saying “Relax, I just want to see your tattoos” and tried to grab my arms. I said VERY LOUDLY, “If you touch me, I will punch you in the face. Get the FUCK OUT OF MY WAY”. Attracting attention from other passers by (who did not do anything aside from stare) made him uncomfortable so he removed himself from my path and tried to pretend like the whole thing didn’t happen.

Great way to start my day. Sigh.

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