Kami’s story!

While walking around the city I’ve been “cat called”, hollered at, stared at and last night physically assaulted at a micro-level.

After getting off a busy night of work at 12pm and walking home along Rideau street, an intoxicated man came up to me as I stood a mere foot away from another woman and put his arms around my waist, brushed my ass with his hands and then called me “Baby”. The woman thought I knew the man so shrugged it off and crossed the street, a police officer was parked in his car on the opposite side of the street and didn’t even see but yet I still stood there feeling completely violated and disgusting.

Although this would be seen as menial act that caused no harm and therefore didn’t cause the interest of an officer, it still has left me feeling terrible. I could be upset with myself as to how I let something like this happen, how I didn’t respond quickly enough, or how maybe I shouldn’t have been texting and not paying attention but really why should I have to prevent myself from being in harms way when WE should just be educating people (and not just men) on right and wrong.

Whether this man was intoxicated or not is irrelevant to the fact that he thought it was ok enough to come up to me. The problem is that it happened so fast and the guy staggered off and I was so shocked that I didn’t even get a chance to react. I continued to walk home and although it was a criminal offense, to be blunt and realistic, police would have done nothing about it.

It disgusts me to think that someone thought this was ok to do and that bystanders do nothing to help.

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