Elaine’s story!

My friend and I were walking through the Rideau McDonalds downtown on our way to the Byward Market for dinner at around quarter to seven. The McDonalds has a long, strange hallway that connects its Rideau Street and George Street entrances, and we were almost through it to George Street when we were interrupted.

Two men, probably in their early twenties, came through the doors facing us, and as they passed us they looked at each other with huge grins. One pointed right at my friend’s ass and the other nodded, both saying, “Nice, nice,” “Not bad,” and “I’d hit that,” talking to each other as though we weren’t there. I was furious, and trying not to ‘give a reaction’ was the furthest thing from my mind.

I spun around to face them–all while the weird elevator music played in the hall–and told them to fuck off, with as much venom as I could muster.

Their response? To eyeball me the same way they’d done to my friend, and say “That’s nice too.” “Mmm, I’d hit that too.”

They didn’t stop walking, and the narrow McDonald’s hallway was hardly a safe space for confrontation, so in the end all we could do was keep walking. We were grossed out and set on edge for the rest of the night.