Hollaback! at Ottawa ComicCon!

Cosplay is a fun way of exploring your favourite characters; not an invitation to harassment. How can we ensure that Cons are safe spaces for everyone?

Hollaback! Ottawa is hosting two panels at Ottawa ComicCon to explore the issue of harassment in geek spaces and open up the floor to discussions on how we can make the community safer.

We’ll also be wandering around the convention all weekend, providing a safe space for people to share their stories of harassment and their stories of being an effective bystander!

The wonderful Jackson Couse has volunteered to be a videographer for us. He’ll be documenting people’s stories and developing a short film after the Con!

Come pose with our Cosplay =/= Consent sign, share your story on film and help us improve the Con experience! 

Panel information:
Friday, May 9th, 6pm, Meeting Room B
Saturday, May 10th, 12:30pm, Meeting Room B

ÁLI - Press Photo

Northern Belle Rogue


photo (1)

ComicCon will also be posting these signs all over the Con this year. Yay!



RSVP to our panel on Facebook and spread the word! Let’s make sure everyone knows that Cosplay =/= Consent!

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