Casandra’s story

I was trying to catch a 176 bus as I and a few other passengers were trying to catch it as well, I got on the bus and noticed a few other people were behind so I tapped my Presto and waited at the door for the others to come on so the driver wouldn’t leave them behind.

As I was doing the the driver told me to get on the bus, and I let him know there were other people running. Then he yells at me and says, “Well if I saw you coming what makes you think I didn’t see you coming?” and I said well I just wanted to make sure they got on, so then I start walking onto the bus and he yells at me and says to tap my Presto again, I told him that I did already then he yells at me once more and tells me it did not go through, I tapped and it prompted that it was already tapped.

I then in almost tears told the bus driver I did not appreciate his tone of voice with me, and he then again yells at me and tells me that I should just worry about my self and not to care about other people. At this point I was shaking and almost crying because I have anxiety disorders and it was extremely triggering to get yelled at and then have to confront someone for something I thought was a good deed. No respect from this driver if I had PTSD or something that could of made me go out into a full attack. Once I got off the bus I had a full on panic attack in the middle of the street. When I calmed down I called OCtranspo’s complain line and notified them of the incident in which the person on the line didn’t seem to have any sympathy. And I never heard anything about it again.