Our City, Our Space, Our Voice: International Anti-Street Harassment Week Event!

2014 is an election year in Ottawa!

We want to use International Anti-Street Harassment Week as an opportunity to let candidates know that come election time, we’ll only be casting a vote for folks who care about ending gender-based violence in our city.

Join us on Thursday, April 3rd from 6:30-8:30pm at Michele Heights Community Centre (2955 Michele Drive in the city’s West End) for an informal gathering. We’ll facilitate a short brainstorming session and have tons of creative ways for people to get their voices out there. If you’re more crafty than chatty (or vice versa), we got you covered! And of course, we’ll have some snacks, too.

Come for the snacks, stay for the revolution!

The official goal of this event is to bring together our allies to develop concrete messaging around gender-based violence for 2014 municipal candidates. We’re going to aggregate the messages from the event onto our website where we’ll have a little hub that basically boils down to: “You want my vote? This is what I expect of you!”

Our unofficial goal is to bring together like-minded folks in a chill, welcoming space to talk about the reality of street harassment and what we, as a community, want to see done about it.

Let’s make gender-based violence a priority in this city!

Want more info? [email protected]

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/681919235199398/

The space is accessible.

This is a SAFE space. If you don’t think gender-based violence is a ‘thing’ or you’re a giant jerk, stay home.

This is an event designed for community members. If you’re a candidate, GREAT that you want to know what people are thinking! BUT! We’ll be aggregating all the feedback for folks like you to check out at a later date. So, we ask that you stay home, too and allow residents a safe space to chat among themselves.

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