E’s Story

I was walking down the street in Centretown (on Lisgar) with my friend and a man holding a beer can started walking towards us (it was 5 PM in the afternoon).

Happy that we finally have some decent summer weather, I was wearing a dress with tights. This guy was visibly impaired and started yelling out comments on my legs. He said I had very nice legs. I said nothing.

He then asked if I liked Puerto Rican men. I said nothing. He was right in front of me at this point and I had to walk past him on the sidewalk. I did not make eye contact.

Thankfully – he didn’t follow us. He remained in his place on the sidewalk but continued yelling out verbal comments about my legs.

The worst was when he yelled out that he wanted to f*** me in the ass.

There were a few other people on the street. No one said anything to him or to me. I just sped up and wanted to get out of there.

Following this incident, I didn’t feel angry, or sad. I actually felt embarrassed that he was targeting me and other people heard! Not sure how you’re supposed to feel in this type of situation, but I’m sure that can’t be right!

I also felt thankful I was with a friend when this happened; a friend who reassured me that none of this was my fault.

I’m glad Hollaback! exists. I was familiar with this group before this incident happened.

I hate that women have to go through these kind of experiences. We should be able to walk down the street in peace and no harassed or made to feel uncomfortable. Looking forward to helping however I can to help make our streets safer for women.