Emma’s story

It is at a close friend’s encouragement that I’m posting this story.

I live outside of the city, but was in town visiting a few friends. Late Saturday night, I was riding the 111 to Baseline when a group of four or five guys in their late teens or early twenties boarded and began shouting about how they were cheaters or using phrases like “yo, go f*uck your b*tch” and “my n*gga”. I spent most of the ride ignoring them. As I got off the bus I called my friend to touch base and walked past the group of boys to wait for him in the nearby Algonquin building. When I walked past I heard one of them shout “Hey, nice bum, where yah from?” and without missing a beat, and shocking myself, I answered with a quick “Don’t f*cking talk to me”, which received no response from them.