Geneviève’s story

To the asshole who stalked us for a block, tried to take a picture of us, spat at our feet and threatened to assault us, FUCK YOU!

My friend and I were walking downtown, (I’m not from here so I’m not sure where exactly) when a man in about his early 20s, clearly intoxicated, came up behind us and started leering and catcalling at us. We ignored him and started walking faster until we came to an intersection where he came up in front of us jeering and laughing at us even more. He pulled out his phone and, under the pretense of taking a picture of his equally asshole like friends (who were walking a few feet behind him laughing at our apparent discomfort), tried to take our picture.

My friend and I stepped calmly out of the way, which made him “Extremely extremely offended” to the point that he got super aggressive and angry. He started shouting and us and threatening to assault us and spat at our feet. He told us he was doing us a favour and wanted to teach us a lesson for being such “fucking rude bitches” and that next time he “wouldn’t be so lenient”.

We crossed the street but they continued to follow us laughing and jeering for another block. This was in broad daylight, and lots of people, including his friends who laughed and “apologized” on his behalf, saw and did nothing.

So fuck you. And fuck rape culture and unsafe spaces and people who look on and do nothing. This was not my first experience with street harassment and certainly won’t be my last but it really really fucking sucks.