The Feminist Games + Femmy Award!

We are so excited to announce that we are recipients of a 2014 Femmy Award; a local award given to organizations or individuals who have made a difference in the fight for women’s equality in the National Capital Region. Yay!

Won’t you come celebrate with us?


Saturday, March 8th, Doors open at 6pm, FREE & includes child care!

It’s the feminist event of the year. The tone is really light and the goal is to celebrate our victories and acknowledge all the amazing work feminists do in the city all year ’round.

There’s an info fair (come say hi!), a funny skit, a short video, the award ceremony and the whole thing ends with a cash bar & a dance party.

This year’s theme is a play on The Hunger Games, so may feminism be ever in your favour!

And did we mention it’s free? Because it’s definitely free!

Check out the Facebook event page for more information!

Thank you to those who nominated us for this award and to everyone who has supported our work. We see you! We appreciate you!


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